Car Bulbs

Can I change a car bulb myself?

You can change a car bulb yourself – sometimes they are fairly easy to access, and to extract and replace. Your vehicle handbook should tell you which bulbs to buy as replacements. However, sometimes it can be tricky to access the bulb as they may be behind the screenwash container or the battery or behind the plastic air filter housing. Also, if you do change the bulb yourself, make sure not to touch the glass of the bulb as any dirt from your hands can cause it to fail straight away.

In all, it can be a bit of a hassle, and if you have to remove housings etc, it can end up taking a couple of hours for the inexperienced hand to change a headlight bulb. Save yourself the time and the hassle, and give Chard Tyre & AutoCentre a call. We’ll be happy to help.

Chard Tyre & AutoCentre is proud to be a Servicesure Autocentre and as such we are able to offer their Nationwide Warranty, plus their Brakesure and Batterysure products. We also offer Payment Assist; an easy way to spread the cost of your bill over four months.

To find out more about Car Bulbs in Chard, get in touch online or call us directly on 01460 247222

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